One language for the evolution of purpose, wholeness, and self-organization

We often see that people, teams, and organizations that learn Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) are increasingly in need of a control model that addresses all value systems. Organizational forms like Holacracy, that focus on purpose, wholeness, and self-organization are then a natural next step. But we also see the reverse.

Holacracy puts people fully in their authority and entrepreneurship roles to maximize the purpose of the organization. Our experience shows us that individual consciousness raises and that that causes a lot of friction. Because Holacracy confronts many people with all kinds of (unconscious) allergies and obstructive beliefs. Using SDi as a perspective and language to gain insight into self-motivation, that of colleagues, and the environment helps people to deal with any friction. We have led many teams and organizations through this process. A glance at our experiences and training in the field of SDi can be found here.

You can find more information about the background, content, and applications of Spiral Dynamics on the Spiral Dynamics Integral Dutch site

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