Great Self Organization resources ready to use – even if you do not practice Holacracy

  1. How to have efficient operational role-to-role meetings using principles like ‘tensions are fuel for development’ and ‘one tension at a time’? Here are downloadable meeting cards for tactical meetings, in many languages.
  2. Here you find a concise description of the Integrative Decision Making process that you can use for group decision making: to make decisions more integrative ánd to speed up the process.
  3. This is more advanced: how to run governance meetings, with Integrative Decision Making – here are downloadable meeting cards
  4. 7 Things you can learn from Holacracy (Even If You Don’t Practice It)
  5. This is a great collection of 50+ articles of helpful introduction, guides & tips re: Holacracy and Self-Management: The Holacracy Practitioners Guide

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