Develop society by choosing a role.

Our society is in transition. Large-scale changes are underway in healthcare, education, agriculture, social structures, energy, and mobility. The consequences of the Corona crisis are affecting everyone, to a greater or lesser extent. Many of our acquired certainties are likely to
disappear, while “the new” is not yet always in sight. How do you deal with this as an organization? What position do you choose?


We support organizations and partnerships that play (or want to play) an active role in societal transitions. Sometimes, our role begins with that initial idea, sometimes with a reorientation of existing routes and plans. We use the model Transition Dynamics, which describes the corresponding patterns in complex changes. It shows “where you are” in the transition and what needs attention now.


Our clients are experts in their societal issues. Some play a leading role in their sector, such as NRG Circles, or have been commissioned to promote transitions and bring parties together, such as Partos, Democracy and Media Foundation and the Acceleration House Energy Transition. We know how to develop and shape the organization in such a way that the plans will actually work.

Transition coaching

Transition coaching helps organizations involved in societal transitions choose a clear, active role. We clarify the status of the transition in question, as well as the current position of the organisation. We then offer support in defining, shaping and realizing desired roles, and in directing necessary changes, sometimes as an advisor, but often as an…

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