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Holacracy experiences, cases and in broader perspective

HOLACRACY EXPERIENCES AND CASES Here is a list of 200+ organizations worldwide that practice Holacracy. It’s impossible to know how many organisations are using Holacracy because not every Holacracy-powered organization publicises their practice, but all of the organizations in this …

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Top 10 sources for general holacracy info

Holacracy is gaining attention rapidly throughout the Netherlands as well as worldwide. Increasingly, (parts of) organizations are using Holacracy as a management tool. There are also many interesting articles, books, and movies on the subject. SHORT LIST This animation film (1:47) …

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Holacracy: 5 reasons never to start it

It is easy to find enthusiastic stories about Holacracy. More and more entrepreneurs, together with start-ups and scale-ups wax lyrical about what is still a fairly new operating model. What is not so frequently highlighted is the hassle that can …

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