Teams and organizations stronger, more cohesive and more creative.

How do I make my organization resilient? How do we achieve better mutual cooperation? How do I develop the necessary leadership? How do I start with Holacracy and self-organization while I do not yet have an overview?

Synnervate guides change processes, which often start with these kinds of questions. Our approach is integral: we pay attention to drives, relationships, behavior and structure. Also, the developments take place at four levels: in individuals, the team, the organization and in society. There are seven of us, so we can support your organization from various areas of expertise, including Holacracy and Spiral Dynamics. We stay when it gets tough, because phases of pain and discomfort are part of lasting transformations. Our work isn’t done until the energy flows (again), and the full potential is available for your goals.

Shall we get started?

Most of our programs are available in English. Would you like to work with Synnervate? Send an email to or call Jasper Rienstra +31 6 5104 9005.

Our view of the world

As Changemakers, we ensure tangible and sustainable changes. We support innovation in the care sector, in education, within government organisations and in the business world.Here are a few examples of our recent work ( in Dutch and  in English ). Our programs for Holacracy, Spiral Dynamics and Purpose are also available in English.

There are Changemakers at work all over the world. These are people who have a mission, who provide energy and who develop strong relationships. The effect of their work remains tangible, even once they have departed.

As Changemakers at Synnervate, we set to work based on a common world view. Our contribution to a social and sustainable society comprises consciously guiding people and organisations during change processes. We commit ourselves to developing that lasting change and request our clients to do so too.

Spiral Dynamics: insight into motivation

Spiral Dynamics integral (SDi) is a model describing consciousness development, at both personal and collective level. It identifies the deeper driving forces shaping our behaviour, our world view, and our interaction with our living and working environment. Over the past decade, Synnervate has made SDi a practical application for hundreds of participants.

Would you like to harness Spiral Dynamics for the next natural step your organisation will be taking? Get in touch with us or check out what training or programma suits you (in Dutch).

Holacracy®: tension is fuel

Holacracy® is a governance model that provides all members of staff in an organisation with authority. It is based on roles instead of job positions, and encourages enterprise, flexibility and clarity. Tension and problems continually fuel the development of the organisation. Everyone’s attention is focused on the purpose. Would you like to learn to work according to the principles and rules of Holacracy®? Then please get in touch with us. You can also participate in a Holacracy® taster.

We have been working according to the Holacracy® principles since 2008. And for us it’s still the only way to go!


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