Self organization & Holacracy

Self-organization leads to more entrepreneurship

Holacracy ® is a form of self-organization. It offers a set of rules for governing, decision-making and the structuring of organizations. Typical features are role-based operations, efficiency in tactical and governance meetings, and equal authority. A daily constant for organizations’ working with Holacracy is the sensing and processing of tensions: a problem, difference of opinion or opportunity is seen as a tension, and these can serve as fuel in the development of an organization.

In most organizations, improvements occur as a result of lengthy reorganizations – mostly conceived and led by a small management group. Holacracy distributes that leadership amongst all employees. In this system, everyone is given the responsibility of proposing organizational changes, which in governance meetings can swiftly lead to improvements. In this way, attention remains focused on purpose, and on the possible differences between the current situation and outlined goals.

Step by step approach to establishing Holacracy

Holacracy requires moving away from old habits, implicit agreements, and implicit expectations. At the same time, however, it generates energy and freedom. Everyone becomes ‘the boss’ of his or her own role, but this is related solely to their work, rather than having authority over other colleagues. This newly acquired freedom comes with certain clear and explicit rules. The adoption and implementation process of self-organization, such as Holacracy, needs to be steered in the right direction. Some organizations choose to immediately replace the existing management model in its entirety, whereas others prefer to work modularly. For example, they first adopt only the clear meeting structures, or they get a taste of what it’s like to redesign functions and turn them into roles with purpose and accountabilities.

As an organization, we adopted Holacracy as a management model 12 years ago.

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