Develop yourself and the context you are part of.

What effect does your personal development have on your environment? How can you use your awareness, knowledge, and skills to contribute to those in the world around you?

We always look at personal development considering the various contexts you are part of (work, family, friends, community, etc.). Our personal development programs take an integral view and give a new perspective on familiar issues from the outset. You develop awareness at several levels, while learning to recognize and dismantle your own ineffective patterns. In addition, you get in touch with your deepest source and motivation, and you gain more insight into relational dynamics with others. You also learn to distinguish between your authentic free self and the movements you make from an automatic pilot. Knowledge alone is not enough; experience and direct application are fixed components of each program.

Personal Purpose Quest

What is your essence? And how do you express that in your life? Are you a change maker? The Personal Purpose Quest (PPQ) is intended for professionals who want to live and work from their core.

Leadership & Communication – in-company training

Driven leadership and open communication The Leadership & Communication training brings you: Greater self-organization of teams and organizations. Improved interconnection and communication (internal & external). A culture in which everyone takes responsibility for his or her role. The skill of “looking without value judgment”. A system through which employees monitor and process their own learning…

Spiral Dynamics Personal Learning Journey

The shape of a Personal Learning Journey The Personal Learning Journey starts by describing your goal as a professional, coach or trainer. What do you wish to achieve and what changes will this entail? In response, we will develop a personal plan for you, tailored to your experience, knowledge, and skills. There is plenty of…

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