A purpose provides answers to life’s questions

Living and working ‘from purpose’ provides meaning, fulfillment and enrichment. You ignite your inner compass, so to speak, thus making it it easier to make the choices that best suit you.

A purpose is big, multi-facetted, sometimes even majestic, but above all comprehensive. If you ask someone what his or her personal goal or calling is, you usually get a vague and sometimes confusing answer. Much more often there is no answer at all to this great life question, and this is not surprising. It is difficult for the conscious mind to put purpose into words because we are talking about both existential and practical aspects.

Trusted source

We have a great deal of experience in creating the space needed to find and formulate a personal purpose. As certified coaches, we follow Tim Kelley’s internationally proven method. We guide you towards establishing contact with a Trusted Source, which will provide you with answers to the question ‘Why am I here? ‘. That trusted source can also be referred to as guide, soul or intuition. Once a purpose is found and formulated, it evokes a strong emotional and physical reaction.

A fully developed purpose consists of four parts.

  1. Essence. Essence describes the existential dimension: that which you already are in essence, before having to practically do anything.
  2. Blessing. Blessing is the transformation you bestow on others.
  3. Mission. The mission indicates how you are going to change the world. To what valuable, concrete project you are prepared to commit your essence and blessing?
  4. Message. The message is the wisdom you want to share with others and the world – urgently.

Manifestation Plan

Without a sense of pragmatism, a purpose will remain simply words. We also guide you towards making a plan of action, so you know exactly how to integrate your purpose into your life and work.

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