Adopting Holacracy

Are you thinking of adopting Holacracy or another form of self-organization? We can lead that change process in the right direction. Some organizations promote the immediate replacement of the existing management model in its entirety, while others prefer to work modularly. Working with Holacracy requires distancing yourself from old habits, implicit agreements, and implicit expectations.…

Holacracy Taster

Want to get a taste of Holacracy? During the Holacracy® Taster you can experience for yourself whether this method of working suits you and/or your organization. During the Holacracy Taster you will experience, in a half-day session, whether this way of working suits you and/or your organization. Trying it out and practising it yourself will…

Leadership & communication

Leadership & Communication – in-company training

Driven leadership and open communication The Leadership & Communication training brings you: Greater self-organization of teams and organizations. Improved interconnection and communication (internal & external). A culture in which everyone takes responsibility for his or her role. The skill of “looking without value judgment”. A system through which employees monitor and process their own learning…

Spiral Dynamics

Spiral Dynamics Personal Learning Journey

The shape of a Personal Learning Journey The Personal Learning Journey starts by describing your goal as a professional, coach or trainer. What do you wish to achieve and what changes will this entail? In response, we will develop a personal plan for you, tailored to your experience, knowledge, and skills. There is plenty of…


Personal Purpose Quest

What is your essence? And how do you express that in your life? Are you a change maker? The Personal Purpose Quest (PPQ) is intended for professionals who want to live and work from their core.

Transition Dynamics

Transition coaching

Transition coaching helps organizations involved in societal transitions choose a clear, active role. We clarify the status of the transition in question, as well as the current position of the organisation. We then offer support in defining, shaping and realizing desired roles, and in directing necessary changes, sometimes as an advisor, but often as an…

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