Holacracy Taster

Want to get a taste of Holacracy? During the Holacracy® Taster you can experience for yourself whether this method of working suits you and/or your organization.
During the Holacracy Taster you will experience, in a half-day session, whether this way of working suits you and/or your organization. Trying it out and practising it yourself will give you a lot of valuable information, because Holacracy changes the way decisions are taken. Power and responsibility are distributed among all employees.


In a half-day session:

  • Find out if Holacracy fits your organization.
  • Experience how Holacracy works and what effect it may have on you and your colleagues.
  • Discover how self-organization changes the way decisions are made.


  1. Introduction to Holacracy®.
  2. A tactical meeting simulation: process operational problems quickly and reliably, with clear next steps.
  3. Participate in a simulation of a overnance meeting: evolve the structure of the organization in such a way that the work is better aligned with the mission (purpose).
  4. Simulation debrief discussion and Q&A to learn from the simulations.
  5. Opportunity to meet other participants and exchange experiences over a light meal.


Would you like to follow a Holacracy Taster or organize one in-company? Please contact Jasper Rienstra at jasper@synnervate.nl or leave your details on this page.
For whom? Everybody who is interested in experiencing and learning more about Holacracy in a short time. Study load: Outside contact hours, none.

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You’ll get the most out of the workshop if you investigate Holacracy® beforehand. We recommend that you read these blogs:
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“The Holacracy Taster is very valuable as a short ‘taster’, containing a nice mix of knowledge and experience. That made it a fascinating and lively whole! I really liked the simulation of atactical meeting, because it gave me a taste of what it means to think and work together based on roles.”

- Henk Lodewijk, Editor of the journal for Zijsorientatie De Cirkel

“Perfect teaser and introduction to Holacracy under knowledgeable guidance. Hungry for more!”

- Bas Zwart, De Droomfabriek partner

“Speeddate with Holacracy. With the energy of a Ferrari, you race through the subjects. Very challenging and inspiring!”

- Sandra van de Pol, owner DYOS Connect People and Organisation Development

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