Leadership & Communication – in-company training

Driven leadership and open communication

The Leadership & Communication training brings you:

  • Greater self-organization of teams and organizations.
  • Improved interconnection and communication (internal & external).
  • A culture in which everyone takes responsibility for his or her role.
  • The skill of “looking without value judgment”.
  • A system through which employees monitor and process their own learning and development points.

Developing leadership takes time and requires practice. That’s why our in-company Leadership & Communication training covers seven months. During those months, the internal culture changes visibly and tangibly. Managers and employees develop greater self-organization skills and show leadership. Communication becomes more fluid and constructive. As goals are clear, teams connect more easily with each other, with the mission of the organization in mind.

We have found that the Spiral Dynamics’ value systems are very helpful in developing personal leadership and improving relationships. Those who know themselves well – and know what drives them – can be more self-aware and comfortable in their surroundings. Working together becomes easier, a working day more enjoyable and organizational results more successful.

Participants get to know themselves in a new way during the training: open, dynamic, social, vulnerable and powerful at the same time. They learn to deal with resistance and communicate differently – with others, but also with themselves. In addition, they experience how they can use Spiral Dynamics to get to know themselves even better and develop further.


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