Top 10 sources for holacracy in a broader perspective

Holacracy is gaining attention rapidly throughout the Netherlands as well as worldwide. Increasingly, (parts of) organizations are using Holacracy as a management tool. There are also many interesting articles, books, and movies on the subject.


  1. This film (9:21) places Holacracy in the evolutionary development of organizational models over time, using the color paradigms of Laloux and Spiral Dynamics.
  2. In this film, (2:49) Herman Wijffels, important ambassador to Synnervate, speaks of the special time of radical change in which we live. He argues that we are aware that evolution is an open, dynamic, and also chaotic system. We must therefore organize ourselves so that we create space and openness for what constitutes new ideas and opportunities. Wijffels invites the viewer to get ready for emergence. Holacracy helps create that space.
  3. HolacracyOne published a useful self- HolacracyOne published a useful organization “maturity map”.. With this, everyone can determine for their organization: where do we stand, and what are the next natural steps?
  4. At a busy CHE-salon, led by Certified Holacracy Coach Jasper Rienstra, the research question was: How does Holacracy contribute to bringing the Spiral Dynamics 1st tier value systems up? The results can be found here.
  5. In this article Brian Robertson sketches out the history of Holacracy.


  1. Frederic Laloux wrote this great article say-no-more-hierarchy-and-everything-gets-the-wrong-idea .
  2. Lisette Schuitemaker describes in an insightful BLOG  how she discovered the quality of the yin-yang balance in Holacracy. At first, she found its strict roles and rules of procedure daunting, rather yang. But then…
  3. The world-renowned company that works with Holacracy,, uses  this BLOG to react in a humorous way to all the heartfelt responses to their radical choice for Holacracy.
  4. In this article Frederic Laloux and Brian Robertson discuss five widely-received judgments about Holacracy.
  5. In this article, Brian Robertson takes the human side of Holacracy, writes about how it brings out the best in people. It’s a response to the common criticism that “Holacracy is so rigid; it’s more for robots than for people!”

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