Holacracy experiences, cases and in broader perspective


  1. Here is a list of 200+ organizations worldwide that practice Holacracy. It’s impossible to know how many organisations are using Holacracy because not every Holacracy-powered organization publicises their practice, but all of the organizations in this map have agreed to share
  2. This white paper (14 pages) describes 5 Dutch case studies.
  3. In this article you can read about the experiences of one of the first large government agencies that practice Holacracy, Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech).
  4. Luscii, a Dutch Health Care Organization, reports in this article about their experiences after 3 years of practicing Holacracy
  5. In this article Benoît Pointet tells about his personal experiences since the adoption of Holacracy within Liip.



  1. This film(9:21) places Holacracy in the evolutionary development of organizational models over time, using the color paradigms of Laloux and Spiral Dynamics.
  2. The world-renowned company that works with Holacracy, Zappos.com, uses this BLOG to react in a humorous way to all the heartfelt responses to their radical choice for Holacracy.
  3. In this article Frederic Laloux and Brian Robertson discuss five widely-received judgments about Holacracy.
  4. In this article Brian Robertson takes the human side of Holacracy and writes about how it brings out the best in people. It’s a response to the common criticism that “Holacracy is so rigid; it’s more for robots than for people!”
  5. Jasper Rienstra, Holacracy Coach, gives 5 reasons never to start with adopting Holacracy in this BLOG. 5 reasons that are often heard and not entirely untrue…

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