As Changemakers, we want to work toward a more just, sustainable and resilient society. We take inspiration from the 17 Sustainable Development Goals drawn up by the United Nations. These goals apply to all countries and describe global ambitions in the areas of healthcare, security, education, poverty and the environment.
While we ourselves are not experts in certain societal issues, our clients definitely are. By working with them on awareness development, we are currently jointly contributing to 9 Sustainable Development Goals.

Ard Hordijk

Ard Hordijk specializes in evaluation and strategy development. He brings organizations together to jointly develop sustainable strategies. Based on a thorough analysis, Ard offers reflection to leaders working in a multi-stakeholder environment.
Ard is an econometrician and has worked in the past at Nyenrode Business University, Twynstra Gudde and Environmental Resources Management. His experience spans societal transitions, multi- stakeholder collaboration and sustainability. Ard is a partner at Synnervate.

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