Develop the team with systems-based work.

You’ve invested a considerable amount in a clear vision, precise goals and clear roles, and yet effectiveness and job satisfaction are a lot lower than expected. Why is that?


Powerful organizations are determined not so much by the quality of the people involved, but much more by the quality of the relationships between those people. Effective cooperation requires, in addition to clear structures, attention to the dynamics that take place between people. The so-called undercurrent. Collaborations often cause a loss of energy. There are mutual frustrations, complaints about the course of events and the inability to influence them. Communication goes backwards or employees retreat to their own islands. In doing so, important fuel (or information) goes underground.

Energy available

The trick is to make this potential energy available again. In our work with teams, we dismantle ineffective patterns and uncover the underlying system. What does that system need right now? Thus, together we transform an undermining energy leak into a force that becomes focused on
achieving organizational goals. In our work in team development, we also make extensive use of Spiral Dynamics. Getting to know each other’s truths and deeper motivations increases mutual understanding and benefits communication.


As Changemakers, we want to work toward a more just, sustainable and resilient society. We take inspiration from the 17 Sustainable Development Goals drawn up by the United Nations. These goals apply to all countries and describe global ambitions in the areas of healthcare, security, education, poverty and the environment.
While we ourselves are not experts in certain societal issues, our clients definitely are. By working with them on awareness development, we are currently jointly contributing to 9 Sustainable Development Goals.

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