Leadership & Communication – in-company training

Driven leadership and open communication

The Leadership & Communication training brings you:

  • Greater self-organization of teams and organizations.
  • Improved interconnection and communication (internal & external).
  • A culture in which everyone takes responsibility for his or her role.
  • The skill of “looking without value judgment”.
  • A system through which employees monitor and process their own learning and development points.

Developing leadership takes time and requires practice. That’s why our in-company Leadership & Communication training covers seven months. During those months, the internal culture changes visibly and tangibly. Managers and employees develop greater self-organization skills and show leadership. Communication becomes more fluid and constructive. As goals are clear, teams connect more easily with each other, with the mission of the organization in mind.

We have found that the Spiral Dynamics’ value systems are very helpful in developing personal leadership and improving relationships. Those who know themselves well – and know what drives them – can be more self-aware and comfortable in their surroundings. Working together becomes easier, a working day more enjoyable and organizational results more successful.

Participants get to know themselves in a new way during the training: open, dynamic, social, vulnerable and powerful at the same time. They learn to deal with resistance and communicate differently – with others, but also with themselves. In addition, they experience how they can use Spiral Dynamics to get to know themselves even better and develop further.


Want to know more about this Leadership & Communication training? Contact Edwin Holwerda (edwin@synnervate.nl or 06 4224 7734) or Rob van Vliet (rob@synnervate.nl or 06 5282 4685), or leave your details on this page.


Develop the team with systems-based work.

You’ve invested a considerable amount in a clear vision, precise goals and clear roles, and yet effectiveness and job satisfaction are a lot lower than expected. Why is that?


Powerful organizations are determined not so much by the quality of the people involved, but much more by the quality of the relationships between those people. Effective cooperation requires, in addition to clear structures, attention to the dynamics that take place between people. The so-called undercurrent. Collaborations often cause a loss of energy. There are mutual frustrations, complaints about the course of events and the inability to influence them. Communication goes backwards or employees retreat to their own islands. In doing so, important fuel (or information) goes underground.

Energy available

The trick is to make this potential energy available again. In our work with teams, we dismantle ineffective patterns and uncover the underlying system. What does that system need right now? Thus, together we transform an undermining energy leak into a force that becomes focused on
achieving organizational goals. In our work in team development, we also make extensive use of Spiral Dynamics. Getting to know each other’s truths and deeper motivations increases mutual understanding and benefits communication.


As Changemakers, we want to work toward a more just, sustainable and resilient society. We take inspiration from the 17 Sustainable Development Goals drawn up by the United Nations. These goals apply to all countries and describe global ambitions in the areas of healthcare, security, education, poverty and the environment.
While we ourselves are not experts in certain societal issues, our clients definitely are. By working with them on awareness development, we are currently jointly contributing to 9 Sustainable Development Goals.

Edwin Holwerda

Edwin Holwerda is a specialist in motivation, making the invisible visible, and working with men. With passion and precision, he approaches both everyday and ‘ephemeral’ subjects. Through his intuitive abilities and coaching skills, Edwin easily gets to the heart of the matter – where it really matters. The result is more inspiration, unity and compassion in the workplace.
Edwin is a partner at Synnervate. He also works as a trainer and coach from his own company KAORA and at Men’s Work.

Spiral Dynamics Personal Learning Journey

The shape of a Personal Learning Journey

The Personal Learning Journey starts by describing your goal as a professional, coach or trainer. What do you wish to achieve and what changes will this entail? In response, we will develop a personal plan for you, tailored to your experience, knowledge, and skills. There is plenty of room for discussion and interaction. We will discuss everything that is desirable or necessary to give shape to your change process. You will also learn what is needed for a successful transformation. We use the Spiral Dynamics model as a basis and also work with other innovative integral models for team and organizational development, including Holacracy and Systemic Work.
Your questions provide us with the basis for the personal content of the plan, our knowledge identifies the appropriate level. During 3 to 4 months, we will work together intensively, in (on average) 8 to 12 sessions of 1,5 hours each. During this time, you will also receive appropriate homework. The exact number and duration of the sessions will be agreed upon in consultation with you.

The Spiral Dynamics Personal Learning Journey offers you:

  • A personal development path that matches your knowledge, skills, and experience.
  • Knowledge of Spiral Dynamics, appropriate to your level.
  • Direct application of Spiral Dynamics within your own work and context.
  • Use of value, change and culture profiles.
  • A solid learning path with supporting materials that you can always fall back on. Certification for levels 1 and 2 of Spiral Dynamics integral.


Going through a Personal Learning Journey will immediately get you certified for levels 1 and 2 of Spiral Dynamics.

The trainers
Edwin Holwerda and Allard de Ranitz are SDi-4 Master Practitioners in Spiral Dynamics and experienced change makers, trained in both theory and practice.
Allard de Ranitz is a personal developer, connector and sculptor. His ability to make connections in complex situations and to approach changes integrally, unfolds new perspectives.
Edwin Holwerda is one of the most experienced men’s coaches in The Netherlands. He approaches spiritual themes in an earthly way and brings simplicity, passion, depth, and sturdiness in leadership and development programs.


The Spiral Dynamics Personal Learning Journey is customized, as is the price. Base your costing of € 2.000 to € 6.000 excl. 21% VAT. Going through the SDi PLJ requires an average of 40 to 80 study hours from participants (sessions + homework assignments).

Sign up

Would you like to sign up for a Spiral Dynamics Personal Learning Journey? Send a message to Allard or leave your details on this page.

Personal Purpose Quest

The Personal Purpose Quest (PPQ) has been designed for professionals who want to live and work from their core and are curious about their calling. They are often changemakers, people who passionately want to play a role in the transitions to a more sustainable, social and humane world.

Purpose means essence or higher calling. Living and working from your personal purpose provides energy, meaning, fulfillment, enrichment and inspiration. It answers the questions ‘why am I here and what do I have to do?’.

The Personal Purpose Quest offers you:

  • A manifestation plan to put your personal purpose into the world.
  • Insight into the limiting beliefs that stand in your way, and tools to deal with them.
  • A method to adjust your personal purpose from time to time.
  • Direction, focus, passion and energy. You’ll start to make (everyday and long-term) choices that serve you.
  • A flawlessly working inner compass.

Program Purpose Quest

The program consists of a number of steps in which you discover, experience and formulate your purpose and manifestation plan. Different working methods are discussed, such as creative visualizations, reversing limiting thoughts and working with inner and universal wisdom. We’ll cover all aspects of your purpose. Of course we’ll also take time to answer your questions. During 3 to 4 months we work together intensively, in 10 to 12 sessions of 1,5 hours. In between you will be given appropriate homework.

The trainers

Jasper Rienstra, Edwin Holwerda and Allard de Ranitz are True Purpose Coaches, trained at Tim Kelley’s True Purpose Institute®.

Allard de Ranitz is a human developer, connector and sculptor. His ability to make connections in complex situations and to approach changes in an integrated manner unfolds new perspectives.

Edwin Holwerda is one of the most experienced men’s coaches in the Netherlands. He approaches spiritual themes in an earthly way and brings simplicity, depth and passion to leadership and development programs.

Jasper Rienstra‘s purpose coaching is characterized as deep, precise, clear and from the heart. Jasper also works as a certified Holacracy® Coach. Holacracy is a purpose-driven method for self-organization.


The Personal Purpose Quest is offered for € 2,495 excl. 21% VAT.

Following Personal Purpose Quest requires a total of 30 to 40 study hours from participants (sessions + homework assignments).

To register

Would you like to sign up for a Personal Purpose Quest? Send a message to Edwin Holwerda.

Purpose-driven organizations

Purpose-driven organizations are stronger, more cohesive and more creative. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for a Purpose Quest for your organization.


Allard de Ranitz


Edwin Holwerda


Jasper Rienstra


“This process is a valuable investment, especially for people who already have some life experience and self-reflection. The search for your purpose is a continuous process that only becomes really valuable when you feel that you are ready for it.””

- Reinout van Asbeck

“I’ve had 2 major paradigm shifts that have fundamentally changed my life. The first was actually feeling full self-love and the second this trajectory. Namely to know who you are deep down and what you have to do in life. How to organize this life knowing that you are doing the right things that suit you and are good for the world.”

- Jonathan Guyt

“The Purpose Quest is a valuable journey that puts you in touch with your trusted source and your purpose. It has a big impact on your life if you have the guts to listen to yourself and your trusted source and apply this in your life. You will never be the same again just because you dare to be yourself.”

- Rindert Bijleveld

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