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Our methods

Our methods reflect our fundamental vision of living and working together. Contact is at the heart of our approach, giving access to sharp analysis that reach the core. We design pathways and interventions that have a direct impact. That encourage you on to tackle the problem from a different angle. At Synnervate we practice what we preach. With Holacracy as our driving force, each of us has knowledge of and experience with the application of Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi); guidance for the development of a team, leadership, and professionals. You won’t hear us make a fuss about our successes. But you'll know we're here! And moreover, as professionals and as a team, we definitely don't evade our own growth and development. Discover more

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Synnervate trainings

We offer training sessions that deliver a valuable contribution to integral social renewal. Those who have participated in our trainings experience them as challenging, stimulating, and cutting-edge. Training sessions that enable you to broaden your consciousness and look into reality from a systemic perspective. Here, you can make a continuous connection between professional, personal, and social development; between head, heart, and gut instinct. Our trainings are for people who are passionate about developing new approaches. For those who strive to find suitable and workable interventions that can be applied to their current development, in their dynamic and rapidly changing living and working environment. We can schedule our training sessions both onsite and via open registration.

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